Our Activities


We organize a variety of programs to help people learn about and get involved with The Blue Violin Foundation.

PIANO: Our piano program instruction teaches piano playing techniques, music theory, and ear training. All students begin by learning to read music on the bass and treble clefs, by learning to play in three different hand positions, and by practicing performance techniques. As a result, the students will have an increased understanding of basics mathematics methods, motor skill development, hand-eye coordination, memorization skills, and an overall appreciation for music.
VIOLIN: Students who study violin will train using the Suzuki method. Students will learn the parts of the violin and the parts of the bow to become familiarized with this instrument of the String Family. Students will learn the proper technique for standing in rest position and playing position. Students will begin to play by using rhythm phrases to coordinate movement of the bow across the string. As they progress, students will learn to place their fingers in different hand positions and learn various bowing techniques. Through the use of the Suzuki Violin Method, students will obtain an increased level of discipline, increased memorization skills, increased motor skills, and an overall appreciation for classical music.


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