The Blue Violin Foundation

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(A vision for the future of Memphis, conceptualized by The Whitehaven-Levi Community Development Corporation1, a 501c3 non-profit organization.)

Helping youth, and the young at heart, to achieve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellness through the performing arts.


The Blue Violin Foundation is committed to expanding the worldview of its students. We encourage our students to examine the whole picture and to believe that they can accomplish their goals. 


Our performing arts program has made its services available to educational institutions in the greater Memphis area. Due to numerous budget cuts, many performing arts courses have been eliminated from the school curriculum. However, the administrators of the new charter schools in Memphis and directors of child care facilities understand the importance of exposing students to the performing arts. Any school is allowed to select classes from our list of offered disciplines. Our Executive Director has serviced the following educational institutions in which we have taught Conversational and Basic Spanish, tap, ballet, percussion, violin, recorder, music theory, piano, cheer-leading training, and/or drum line: St. Luke’s Day School, The Memphis Academy of Health Sciences, Lord of Life Lutheran Pre-School, KIPP: DIAMOND Academy, Bishop Byrne Middle and High School, White Station High School, Collegiate School of Memphis, New Hope Christian Academy, Hutchison School for Girls, Aspire Hanley Charter School, and Aspire Coleman Charter School.

Community and Economic Benefits

In pursuing the development of a performing arts center, specific needs would require fundraising from private donors with the assistance from the city to launch the center. Funding would provide access to targeted low-income and at-risk youth to offset the cost associated with participation, secure the necessary equipment to enable our students to develop their talents, and maintain a building that would accommodate our programs. For years, it has been a known fact that there is a direct correlation between the fine arts and academic achievement. It has been proven that music, theater, dance, and the visual arts are important in developing the whole person. Development of the whole person is necessary for the maximization of individual gifts and talents. Failure to develop the whole person can and has resulted in diminished achievement.

In recent years, boards of education across the nation have attempted to save money by reducing the offerings of fine arts courses in their schools. Vocal music, band, orchestra, drama, photography, painting and others have suffered from economic reductions in staff and resources. Students in public education have suffered the greatest loss due to these economic times. Private educators have always understood the need for fine arts and have worked to find resources for continued financing of such programs. The result is a growing disparity of student achievement in public and private education.

At-risk children grow without resources to develop their gifts and talents. We believe that our performing arts program will positively impact its students. By serving as a supplemental tool, we can bridge the gap between disadvantaged youth and involvement in the performing arts. Our students will have an enhanced level of discipline and appreciation for the arts by participating in our structured class setting. As a result, the students will have a greater understanding of the commitment and training required to perform on the professional level. Therefore, it is paramount that students engage in their own performances as well as attend performances by prominent local and nationally renown artists.

 We further believe that participation in our performing arts programs will directly impact the community’s crime rate and the propensity to derail one’s own life. Our nurturing staff has proven that by giving our students hope, you give the community the keys to a changed society and an enhanced culture.

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